Safety and Quality

Safety is Everett’s number one core value.

Everett has a mature Safety Management System (“SMS”).

The SMS is built around a strong safety culture within which risk management, safety intervention, structured management review, processes, controls, self-learning and continuous improvement are all key elements.

The system has been demonstrated to meet the standards laid down by numerous International Oil Companies many of whom require us to demonstrate levels of safety management maturity meeting EASA standards. The system is supported by a computer based event & risk management tool called PRISM. 

Everett also invests heavily in technologies that underpin excellence in safety. Everett’s fleet features aircraft which carry HUMS (Health Usage Monitoring Systems) or UMS (Utilisation Monitoring Systems) to monitor engine performance and condition and CVFDR systems to record flight parameters and cockpit voice information. All Everett helicopters are fitted with satellite based tracking with email & telephone facilities.